Doc of Detox



To all our valued practitioners and those who want to become practitioners, as you know the world is changing rapidly as is the economy. We don't want to impeded the growth of our BraveHeart Nation or our Practitioners. Instead of doing everything that everyone else is doing and inflating their prices, we are decreasing them because together we are stronger.

The first 12 people to register will pay these new prices:

Whole Life Coach: $3900 (Reg. $4500US)
Wolfe Non Surgical: $4900 (Reg $6K USD)
New World Practitioner: $8000 ( Reg $9K USD)
Pelvic restoration master class: $1197 ( Reg $1800USD)

*This pricing is for first 12 sign ups and then it is an extra $500 for each course.
*Courses are USD FOR American Residence

registrants in Canadian Courses Will now be paying in Canadian dollars

*Courses are CND FOR Canada Residence

registrants in Australian Courses Will now be paying in Australian Dollars

*Courses are AUD FOR Australia RESIDENTS

*Courses are Pounds FOR England Residents NOTE: Non Resident Courses Example: If a CND resident is taking a USA course they will pay course price in CND-$ Example: If an Australian resident is taking a course in The USA they will pay in AU-$ Note: If a person is from a country that is not on the BHN World Tour Map they will pay in the currency of the course where they are taking it Example: If a person from Africa is taking a course in Canada they will pay in CND-$

To register at these new prices, contact us:
(469) 861-8884 - USA direct, WhatsApp and FaceTime
1-855-900-4544 ext 1 or 5
and also by SKPYE- DOC. OF. DETOX

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns regarding the above, please do not hesitate to fill out the form, and someone will contact you shortly.