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Meet me in Toronto, ON

Hello Bravehearts, 

Now is your chance to see Dr. Darrell Wolfe live in Toronto, ON on May 4th at 10am – 3pm

“A Day With The Doc”

Come spend a “Day With The Doc” and learn how to nourish yourself on an emotional, physical, and nutritional level.
Experience the greatest energy medicine healing devices and get your questions answered in person.

📞 For more information or to secure your booking, please contact Magdalena at +1 416 669 9351 or go to to reserve your seat

Limited spots are available, so be sure to reserve your spot now!

Join us for an empowering day filled with valuable insights and practical tips to take control of your health and well-being.


Brent Knudsen & Jake Cunningham from One Healing Honey & PureWave Cell will be joining Dr. Darrell Wolfe for a portion of this lecture!🐝

Brent Knudsen is a self-made entrepreneur, who after selling his company, he was then able to devote his time and energy to pursue his true passion for unlocking the power of sacred geometry and natural quantum field frequency healing. His technologies have now been in use within the wellness industry for years with amazing results and people benefiting from pain reduction, improved injury recovery, anti-aging properties, and improved health. He is passionate about frequency and quantum field technologies and is excited to bring these technologies to the world at large.

Jake Cunningham is a Wellness Warrior and Tech Trailblazer. His mantra, “You Are What You Think,” has guided him through various life challenges and professional ventures. With a vision to revolutionize the health and wellness technology sector, Jake’s company focuses on the distribution of advanced medical Quantum Biofeedback Systems, among other cutting-edge health technologies.

His journey from a wellness enthusiast to a leader in both the wellness technology and environmental sustainability sectors is a testament to his belief in the power of innovation and positive action.

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