New Product: PureWave Healing Honey and PureWave Cell

PUREWAVE HEALING HONEY This Organic Raw Honey is carefully crafted from a network of selected organic beekeepers and sourced “fair-trade” only from hives treated with PureWave Cells. It is a pure, organic superfood food that is 100% free of any added sugars, colourants or adulterants. Organic Frequency Healing Honey is not heated, pasteurized or filtered beyond 400 microns retaining […]

This is news for the VIPS

In today’s society, women have been programmed with limiting BS (belief systems) handed down from many generations of oppression, scarcity, and fear. We are expected to be the caregivers for everyone around us. We have unknowingly become an “inflammation nation” and numbed out the many cries of our beautiful bodies. We are no longer fully […]