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Doctorate of Indigenous Plant Medicine

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Doctorate of Indigenous Plant Medicine

Spiritual and Indigenous Medicine has been recognized by Nations and Countries worldwide. Practicing Indigenous Medicine protects you from harassment from Governments, be it National, State, District, County, District, City, etc.

Organizations such as the United Nations have supported The Declaration of Human Rights. The Alma al Convention, The Helsinki Convention, and more have backed this protection, including the United States government. Several Supreme Court decisions have upheld these principles.

"we shouldn't have to fight for something that should be our god given right. "

- dr. darrell wolfe

Tuition fees

The total cost for the Complete Program is $3500. The program is offered in conjunction with BraveHeartNation University.

Note: Upon Successful completion, a letter will be provided by the Elder Chief to grant you your Doctorate in Indigenous Medicine.

Get adopted into the tribe,
and get protected by the
UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Once you have finished the course, you will receive your own Certificate of Citizenship in to the tribe. With this, you will be protected by the following United Nations article: 

Article 24 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples states:
1. Indigenous peoples have the right to their traditional medicines and to maintain their health practices, including the conservation of their vital medicinal plants, animals and minerals. Indigenous individuals also have the right to access, without any discrimination, to all social and health services.

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